What is RJC?

RJC - the Russian Juggling Convention - is a new type of event, that brings together people passionate about the same idea. At the Convention, there will be many workshops dedicated to various styles of juggling and circus arts, competitions, games, and shows.

However, the most important thing for us is communication and exchange of experience and skills between jugglers of all backgrounds.
If you never touched juggling balls before – we assure you, not only will you learn to juggle, but also to play with a lot of other props. Every day there will be beginners workshops in basketball freestyle, hoops, diabolo, and poi. And by the way, juggling isn't limited to balls, too!
If juggling is an important part of your life, if you enjoy learning new tricks – the Convention is a must-go for you. You will meet people from across Russia and the world who share the same mindset with you. You'll get a lot of practice, tons of knowledge, and have a chance to hang out with jugglers from the places you had never heard about before.
This year you can take part in international WJF and IRC competitions judged by famous masters from the US and Russian stars. And the prizes are worth fighting for! Besides the competitions, there will be many advanced workshops, lectures and latest news from the world of juggling.
Whom is it for?
of non-stop juggling
5 days
100 workshops
for all skill levels and all styles of juggling
500 attendees
jugglers from across Russia will come together
2000+ sq.m.
spacious gym with a park and a lake nearby
City: Saint-Petersburg
Venue: Kalininsky district sports center
Address: Dem'yana Bednogo st., 9a

The total area is over 1000 sq.m. Ceilings are 8 meters high or more. The venue includes a soccer and and a basketball court, a fighting ring and a tatami carpet; a lot of showers and locker rooms, a quiet auditorium, a cafe. Outside the gym, there's a park with a lake, and two supermarkets nearby.

This year we will have designated zones for various activities: passing, spinning, lectures, kids, extreme, and outdoors. All workshops will take place at corresponding zones. But of course, you can throw, spin and roll your props wherever you like.
Kids zone
Here you will be able to leave your children, while you learn and practice juggling. A number of child-friendly workshops and games will be held to entertain your kids. This area is for children between 6 and 14 years old.
This year we have a dedicated place for passing with a lot of workshops.
Poi, fans, staffs & doublestaffs, buugeng – that sort of props.
Extreme zone
Jumpers, stilts, unicycles, and bicycles of all shapes and and sizes. Here you will get the chance to try riding something new and even learn a couple cool tricks!
Separate quiet room. That's where lectures on juggling theory, convention organisation, staging your acts and other topics will take place.
Can't miss the outside in the heat of the summer! Here we will have slack line sat up, nets for jolleyball and volleyclub. A number of different workshops will be held here as well.
Ticket prices
Gala show
One day
All five days
Children (6–14 y.o.)
Starting from the 25th of June, the ticket price will increase. Currently tickets cost:
Q & A
What is included in the ticket price?
It includes admission to all of the workshops during five days of the convention, night shows, games and battles. Be aware that for the Gala show you need to purchase a separate ticket.
Should I pre-register for the workshops?
No, just come and join whatever workshop you like. You only have to buy a ticket for the convention.
I want to run a workshop / go on stage in a show / take part in a competition, what should I do?
Please write to ogospb@gmail.com with "workshop" / "show" / "competitions" in the subject line. We'll get in touch with you.
Are children welcome?
Yes, this year we have a great kids zone with workshops for all ages. Please buy a children ticket.
When does convention start? What time?
Registration will open on June 27th at 13:00. Until then, the gym will be closed, but you can play in the park.
What about food?
2 supermarkets and small caffes (with different price categories), only 200 m. from a convention location
I never juggled before – may I join?
Sure! If you never touched juggling balls before – we assure you, not only you will learn to juggle, but to play with a lot of other props. Both skilled jugglers and total newbies are welcome to the convention.
About the previous convention
Maria Melnikova
This year we took part in the Saint-Petersburg Juggling Convention 2017. Many thanks to the organisers crew for inviting us! Everything was top-class. Evidently, the team took preparation seriously.

Ilya and Rita, you did a great work, put your heart into it, and the result was awesome! Also thanks to the Hooplastika dancing workshop members. Girls came from different cities, and are experienced hoopers and a great team. Hoops unite!

We opened the Gala with our act… But what we've seen afterwards amazed us with variety, skill and atmosphere! We almost missed our train home because we just couldn't go away without seeing it all. And most amazing acts were those of guests from Finland.

Once again – many thanks to everyone!
Nina Gubarenko
The juggling convention is over, but I'm still raging with emotions! And first of all, I want to say a huge thank you to Ilya and Rita and everyone who helped them.

Each year our community is growing bigger, we get to know new people, new tricks and new genres, and the convention itself becomes more interesting and more fun. To say that it was amazing would be an understatement. I feel so much that I just can't put it into words.

Every event of this sort gives more energy, I start seeing more clearly why I love my art so much, why I love people who share my passion, why is our friendship so strong.

From the first seconds the gym is your new home, and everyone there are your family. In such a company, you forget about time passing by. Besides, talking to and learning from foreign guests is a priceless opportunity.

Dear friends, I greatly encourage you to attend the next RJC – and by the way, it also will take place in Saint-Petersburg ;-)

Special thanks to everyone who joined my workshops – it was a pleasure to work with you, and I hope to see you again in my school :)
Julia Saturn
This event turned everything in my head upside down, as if the diamond of my life got another side, as if a new road appeared from somewhere. I've met so many talented and (no less important) hardworking individuals who, thanks to their traits, got into the flow and now are creating beautiful and amazing things.

The organisers succeeded in making the event absolutely friendly, easy-going and playful for this huge crowd from all around Russia and other countries, and I'd like to thank them for that.

Maybe I'm too sensitive, but the tide of the convention inspired and empowered me. Now I easily do things that were stressful before; now each training session is an event, every movement is a story I want to tell, and make it more beautiful by polishing the language of my body.

At the convention my duty was to make pictures, and I'm happy to have captured so many wonderful moments: more than a thousand photos, gigabytes of storage, a few nights to process them, and finally here's the album with the pictures I like most; the rest you can find in the official group of the convention.

Long story short, I absolutely recommend attending such an event, especially if you're going through a crisis or just feel clumsy and out of shape. Here they will teach you how to train, how to perform, how to invent your stage persona. And have no doubts, they will inspire you.

Next convention will be in June, and it will be even larger. Come and join!
Svetlana Kostrukova
This convention was as colourful and fast as a dream. I've met a lot of old friends, it was fun and useful for me.

As for Gala, openstage and renegade: I can't put into words how great it is to see everyone at such level and to party hard in the same spirit and flow! Love y'all! Thanks to Rita and Ilya and everyone who helped. I'm glad to be a part of this juggling family.

Well, time passed by too fast… A week or two would be nice… to dive deeper beyond the basics… hope to meet you at RJC 2018 or elsewhere and hang out again!

Long live the juggling crowd!!! yahhhhhh!
Core team
Core team
WJF Russia organiser
Ilya Polyakov
Margarita Emanuel
Egor Smirnov
«I'm delighted that we started to have juggling conventions in Russia. I feel proud to take part in big, global changes and societal development. I'm incredibly happy to be in touch with jugglers from around the world».
«I like to work with jugglers: their creativity combines well with my discipline. My mission is to organise the work so that we achieve the best result».
«For a long time I've dreamed about going to US to participate in the competitions, and then it struck me: why not to bring them to convention here? WJF association approved, and so we'll have serious international competitions».
Juggling zone organiser
Sonya Maliboo
About organizers
Social media manager
Interpreter for foreign guests
Spinning zone organiser
Svetlana Kostrukova
German Grebenyuk
Anna Chikhachyova
«My job is to publish convention news on Instagram and Facebook. I want our followers to know the news, the workshop schedule, to see the pictures from the event and to be sure that we're working hard organising the RJC 2018!»
«It's wonderful to see the bar being constantly raised, when comes to Russian jugglers and conventions. I believe that taking part in international competitions and hosting the IRC this year will tremendously help to develop juggling community not only in St. Petersburg, but in Russia as well. Hopefully, more foreign guests are going to come this convention than ever before».
«Seasoned participator of juggling conventions and festivals. For a long time she worked in social sphere, organised local events. Coordinated volunteers in one of largest local NGOs. Since 2014 teaches poiing to children».
Kids zone organiser
Olga Khomutova
«Kids activities organiser at local and open-air festivals. Graduate of Circus Pedagogy School of Uppsala-Circus. At the convention, she is busy organising a space where kids and teenagers can discover the world of juggling and put their wild energy into art».
« I fell in love with juggling in 2013, when I went to my first European Juggling Convention in Toulouse, France. The atmosphere, meeting people who share my passion, and an opportunity to learn things and share knowledge – these are things that make conventions special for me».
+7 952 235 9154
St. Petersburg, Russia
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